How To Find The Best Fishing Charter In Costa Rica

So you want to go on a fishing trip in Costa Rica but you don’t know where to start . Well when you are choosing a sportfishing charter you want to make sure you start with company that has been around for a while . The worst thing that can happen is that you plan a trip fly down to Costa Rica then when you go to meet your captain he does not show up . Or he may show up drunk , or his but is in shambles and not safe .

You want to make sure your captain knows the local waters . Many expats come down and open a Sportfishing  they may know how to fish in the U.S but they are unfamiliar with the local waters . You may get on their boat and cruise  around all day and not catch anything  and there goes your fishing trip. On the  other hand local captain have been fishing these waters for years and know how to find the  fish, there boats may not be as fancy but don’t let that deter you.

So it is a balance to finding the right captain and it can be very hard . You can search and look at all kinds of websites but it is hard to find the right boat when you are not down here .  There is a site  that wades threw the  vast amounts of fishing captains in Costa Rica , they rate them and recommend only the top boats . You can look at this Costa Rica Sportfishing Useful site .  Most of the captains that they recommend are local and there boats have been inspected and are known to bring in the big fish . They are not a fly by night company and they also are not limited to just one area. The fact is fish bite in different areas at different times  so if you want to come down in say Sept and you want to Catch Marlin they can tell you the best spot to find them . They can also get you discounts on hotels and rental cars

Costa Rica Sportfishing tours has been in business for over a decade. They have tons of happy customers many of them post on there Facebook page  and there Yelp Page . It is very important that you read the reviews of whoever you chose.